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After just three months of using the ‘Got To It’ journal I've been able to shed 14 lbs. and keep it off. I realized as I picked up the book and began to read and journal - it was my thoughts that were holding me back (and they do control your actions). By writing your thoughts down you can see it - then you can counter-act it - and "choose" differently. Amazing, simply amazing.

Elaine Allison
Elaine Allison Consulting Group
Vancouver, BC

Michelle Cederberg's 'Got To It' journal is the only tool I've ever discovered that consistently helps me stay organized, accountable and focused. This multi- dimensional process for accomplishing goals goes way beyond a 'fill in the blanks' daily check list. Michelle has found a magical formula which includes physical, emotional and intellectual components, allowing me to track so much more than my tasks. I've actually been able to see how my sleep, attitude, physical activity and dietary choices ultimately affect my productivity. And I feel a huge sense of achievement when I can put a big check mark in those 'Got To It' boxes at the end of the day!

The ‘Got To It’ journal strips away the busy-ness of massive to-do lists in order to focus on the one most important thing requiring my intention and attention each day. I can't end the day until I've marked a check mark in the Got to It box. It's simple. It works. Everything else that I get to is a bonus---the most important thing got done.




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Michelle makes her home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Phone: 403.850.5589
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